Examination Choices

Stephen Hewitt Eyecare offers a choice of eye examinations.  We welcome both NHS and Private patients.

As our private examination is a more in depth eye examination, and includes digital retinal imaging, our NHS patients are offered the opportunity to upgrade their NHS sight test to the full private eye examination.

All patients have the further option of our most extensive examination, a 50 minute appointment incorporating our full private eye examination with additional OCT screening

Examination Prices

Private NHS
NHS Sight Test N/A Free
Full Private Eye Examination £55 £35
Full Private Eye Examination including OCT screening £85 £65
ReadEZ Meares-Irlen screening appointment £35 £35

Digital Retinal Imaging

Digital images provide a permanent and historical record of changes in your eye.

Images can be compared, year on year, to discover even subtle changes and help monitor your health.  You will be able to see what your optometrist sees using Retinal Imaging

Optical Coherence Tomography

Optical Coherence Tomography or OCT is a sophisticated 3D cross sectional retinal scan allowing visualisation below the surface of the retina and measurement of the retinal nerve fibre layer.  The scans are non invasive, painless and quick but the information they provide enables more accurate and earlier diagnosis of both common and rare eye conditions including:
Wet and dry Macular Degeneration    Glaucoma
Diabetic Retinopathy

OCT scanning provides useful baseline information for any patient but is even more important for those with ocular symtoms or a family history of eye disease.

ReadEZ - for Meares-iren syndrome

We are a ReadEZ test centre providing screening for Meares-Iren syndrome (visual stress),
and supply ReadEZ coloured overlays and spectacle lenses.

You can find out more at www.readez.co.uk
A recent eye examination is needed prior to this assessment - Please call for details.

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