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Linz, Austria December 2010. Silhouette has redefined aesthetics, uniting design with the magical power of light. Passionate depths, authenticity and the unmistakable sparkle of pure crystal mean big emotion and long-lasting passion. The fascination with crystal is found in the precision of its cut and the excitement of the observer. For the consummation of passion only takes place once the crystal catches light and excites the human heart.

This is characteristic of Silhouette’s Crystal Collection, which is giving glamour and passion a new, everyday and contemporary meaning. “We are convinced that superficial and opulent interpretations are a thing of the past and that sustainable reduction is growing in importance” comments Andreas Aschauer-Martinelli, brand director at Silhouette, in reference to the art of eyewear’s step into the “luxury class”. The result is eyewear models full of passion for the self-confident woman of the 21st Century who makes her own accessory choices.

With these seven models – four prescription and three sunglasses – Silhouette’s Crystal Collection is giving glamour a new meaning. Glamour is being interpreted for the everyday life of the self-confident women as well as for moments without boundaries. Diversity and elegance are what characterise this collection. Each pair of eyewear is one of a kind – just like each wearer is unique. The here and the now are given a crystalline dimension with which Silhouette’s Crystal Collection arrives in today’s world.

“The dream of everyone who wears eyewear to have lightness, harmony and unlimited function becomes a carefree reality with each pair of Silhouette. We’ve taken the step to also bring sparkle to this carefree reality,” exclaim Arnold and Klaus Schmied, board members and the second-generation owners of Silhouette International, showing their excitement for a new era in rimless eyewear design.

Silhouette’s Crystal Collection includes four prescription and three sunglasses models. All crystal rimless eyewear is 80% crafted by hand in Austria using high quality materials – high tech titanium and SPX – and refined using crystals cut in Austria. Moments without boundaries supply nearly endless possibilities for the lens forms on the prescription models.

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